International e-Conference
Agricultural BioSciences 2008

(IeCAB 2008)

Important Dates

February 29 2008. Deadline for registration and submission of abstracts, posters and power point presentations. Send all materials to secretary with carbon copy to All entries will be reviewed and comments sent to authors. Please address any corrections or issues pointed before re-submitting your paper.

30 April 2008: Deadline for re-submitting the corrected abstracts and papers.
June 2-16, 2008: e-Conference exhibition rooms open.

Conference Scientific Committee

Dr. Maina Mwangi, Biosciences Research and Communications Unit, FACT.
Dr. Simeon Kotchoni, Purdue University, USA
Dr. Appolinaire Adandonon, NIAES, Japan
Dr. Damaris Odeny, Max Planck Institute, Germany
Dr. Elija Ateka, JKUAT, Kenya
Dr. Zachee Ngoko, IRAD, Cameroon
Dr. Kaka Meseka, SSARTO/Sudan & CIMMYT/Nairobi
Dr. Sunday Akinyemi, ISAR, Rwanda
Dr. Komi Fiaboe, IITA, Uganda
Dr. Mwai Githinji, Auburn University, USA
Dr. Gideon Kikuvi, JKUAT-ITROMID, Kenya
Dr. Agricola Odoi, University of Tenessee, USA 
Dr. Emma Gachomo, PhD Rutgers University, USA
Dr. Kamal Ghasemi Bezdi, PhD Cotton Research Institute, Iran.
Prof. Adewumi Babatunde Adewale, PhD Federal University of Technology, Nigeria