International e-Conference
Agricultural BioSciences 2008

(IeCAB 2008)

Important Dates

29 February 2008. Deadline for registration and submission of abstracts, posters and power point presentations. Send all materials to secretary with carbon copy to All entries will be reviewed and comments sent to authors. Please address any corrections or issues pointed before re-submitting your paper.

30 April 2008: Deadline for re-submitting the corrected abstracts and papers
June 2-16, 2008: e-Conference exhibition rooms open..

Topics to be covered

The topics to be covered include (but are not limited to these, you can suggest additions): 

  • Plant Sciences
    • Agronomy, Breeding, Nutrition, Genetic Conservation, Soil Sciences
    • Post harvest processing and storage technologies.
    • Biotechnology (transgenic crops, varieties for changing climate)
    • Crop Protection (Mycology, Bacteriology, Virology, Nematology, Entomology, Weed management)
    • Enhanced protein, vitamins and micronutrient content.
    • Organic farming
    • Special value crops (Vegetables , fruits, flowers, medicinal plants, etc)
    • Dry land farming
    • Landscaping concepts and technologies
  • Animal (Livestock) Sciences
    • Nutrition
    • Health (Drugs and vaccines) and emerging threats (e.g. bird flu).
    • Breeding
    • Organic farming
    • GMOs
    • Aquaculture
  • Associated Technologies and Innovations
    • Information and communication technology in Agriculture
    • Engineered farm structures and equipments
    • Extension support and technology transfer
    • GIS applications
    • Packaging and transportation technologies
    • Irrigation systems
    • Policy framework, regional networks, etc
  • Economics and management resources
    • Trade and Markets
    • Input supply chains
    • Product Labeling and traceability
    • International trade agreements, subsidies


An updated list of topics to be covered will appear here. Participant’s wishing to contribute can suggest a topic in any area of health biosciences and related issues.