International e-Conference
Agricultural BioSciences 2008

(IeCAB 2008)

The 1st International e-Conference on Agricultural BioSciences 2008 (IeCAB 2008) was held from June 2 - 16, 2008 at URL address This was an internet conference with nearly 100 participants making submissions from all parts of the world. Proceedings from this e-conference can be accessed through the links provided below. These include the Book of Abstracts, Posters and Power point presentations; and the Questions exchanged between the participants and the responses given.

The most innovative entries in (1) Technology Application; (2) Innovation and (3) Excellence in Experimentation categories were identified through an interactive electronic process and the authors recognized and issued with e-Certificates. These can also be viewed through the link below.

All submissions to IeCAB 2008 were published as full papers in the July to October 2008 issues of the online Journal of Applied BioSciences ISSN 1997-5902. Please follow the links below to access the proceedings.

IeCAB 2008 Book of Abstracts  
IeCAB 2008 Posters & power-point presentations  
IeCAB 08 Questions and Answers
2008 Winning Presentations & e-Certificates